Do Not Read! It’s Pers’nal!

I’m reading Wintersmith at the moment and loving every bit of it.  Boy, do I love the Nac Mac Feegle! *

You, Dear Reader, who’s patient and kind enough to take the time and read my blog, might remember a particular post some time ago about why I still use a journal – you know, the one about writing down experiences, and processing muddled and jumbled opinions into something slightly less muddled and jumbled? Right! I came across the following – ahem! shall we say ‘fresh’? – perspective about keeping a diary, which I found interesting. This is the part where the Nac Mac Feelge have stolen their hag Tiffany’s diary …

“Ach, I see she’s got one of they paddly locks again,” said Daft Wullie, walking around the diary.

“Rob I cannae help thinkin’ that it’s no’ right to read this”, said Billy Bigchin, as Rob put his arm into the keyhole. “It’s pers’nal!”

“She’s oor hag. What’s pers’nal to her is pers’nal to us,” said Rob matter-of-factly, fishing around inside the lock. “Besides, she must want someone tae read it, cuz she wrote things doon. Nae point of writin’ stuff doon if ye dinnae want it read! It’s a sheer waste o’ pencil!”

“Mebbe she wanted tae read it hersel’,” said Billy doubtfully.

“Oh, aye? Why’d she want tae do that?” said Rob scornfully. “She already kens what’s in it …”

The Nac Mac Feegle

Copyright – Terry Pratchett

*  The Nac Mac Feegle (also known as the Wee Free Men or Pictsies – yes that is spelt correctly!) are a type of fairy folk living on the Chalk on the Discworld. They are 6 inches tall, they have shaggy red hair, wear kilts or leather loincloths, and they are so heavily tattooed that their skin appears blue. They love drinking, fighting and stealing, and frankly, their general rowdiness is what got them thrown out of Fairyland in the first place! They carry swords as large as themselves but will not shy away from kicking or even head-butting. Humans consider the Nac Mac Feegle one of the most feared fairy race. Even trolls run for cover at the sight of them!

Merry Christmas!

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

It’s that time of the year again!

I’m a huge fan of John Rutter’s work. Here is his beautiful Christmas Lullaby.

A Merry Christmas to all …



Salvador Dali _ Die heilige Bibel (1964-1967)

The Nativity – Salvador Dali


Keep Calm and Say ‘Thank You’

Some time ago, a dear friend of mine asked me to name the things I am most thankful for. One of those Facebook challenges, you know. Life, erm, kind of got in the way, which is why I never got down to actually writing my “gratitude list”. Incidentally, it’s also why I have neglected you, Dear Reader. I never meant to wound you thus. Will you ever forgive me? (*Cough* my bookworm friends should get that!)

But enough dramatics! Today is the day and I’m doing this. It’s my 31st birthday today. It has been a heck of a year and I have a lot (believe me, A LOT!) to thank God for …


My family – they’ve stood by me through thick and thin, they’ve seen me at my worst – put up with my tantrums even – and yet they still refuse to disown me!

My friends – I mean the ones I’ve inflicted my dark side on, and one time too many (for which I am truly sorry) but chose to stick around. A special shout out to my besties!

My health

My job and colleagues – ESPECIALLY my colleagues, they’re just amazing.

The use of all my 5 senses – Lord knows how I take these for granted. For shame!

Wholesome food every day and a roof over my head.

Education – Not everyone is lucky to have one.

My talents

The freedom to do what I choose.

Dreams, projects and so many things to look forward to …


You will not believe how difficult compiling this list has been for me. It’s not because I couldn’t think of anything to put down, but because there are so many things that I couldn’t choose!

Some people moan and groan about growing older; they say that once you reach 20, you stop looking forward to birthdays. Me? I’m just thankful the Big Guy gave me another year to have my adventures in. That’s it. You live life, you’re thankful for what you have, and you’re happy. After all, there’s ALWAYS something to be thankful for …

Thank you