The Blackadder Chronicles … to be continued?

A new series of Blackadder could be happening 26 years – aye, my goodness, 26 years! – after “Goodbyeee”, and I am super excited at such a prospect! * True, I have a couple of doubts – Mr Atkinson and co. will be under a lot of pressure not to disappoint fans after all; there is still the issue of Hugh Laurie’s wages to sort out; and there will be no Rik Mayall this time *sob*. But I’m pretty sure that if this series does happen, we fans will enjoy it enough to offer the cast our contrafibularatories!

Meanwhile, here is one of my favourite clips from Blackadder the Third: Sense and Senility, featuring Blackadder, two actors and Mac…the Scottish Play:

* In truth, Kind Reader, I am as happy as a Frenchman who’s invented a pair of self-removing trousers … *cough* moving on …